chapter 1

Learning Facebook Basics

Can you remember what life was like before Facebook? You sent e-mails to friends. Maybe you participated in online chats and you might (just might) have watched some online video. However, to really keep up with your friends, family, customers, and colleagues, you talked to them on the phone or visited them face to face. Facebook and other social networks have changed all that. You now get status updates the moment your daughter gets her first job and you see photos of your customers using one of your products. This is the power of Facebook and the power of social media: It brings people together online to discuss common interests. This chapter explains what social media and Facebook are all about.

The Power of “Social” in Social Media

Content Is King and Customer Engagement Is Queen

What Is Facebook?

The Power of “Social” in Social Media

Although direct e-mail and flyers in the Sunday newspaper are still great ways to attract new customers or engage with the ones you have, social media enables marketers (that’s you) to work in a new dimension.

With social media marketing, you are able to do more than just sell your product — you can leverage the power of your customers to tell others about your products, services, or brand within the context of their social networks. Social media is also powerful because you can find customers who are already talking about your specific product or company or about something related to your industry.

According ...

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