chapter 3

Drawing More People to Your Page

You can drive additional people to your business Page by using contests, polls, and questions. By incorporating these items into your Page, you add a much-desired variety to your postings. Instead of arriving at a Timeline full of status updates, customers first see a few interactive pieces that directly ask them to participate. These Facebook apps also create ways to encourage customers to communicate with you when they may not know exactly what to share.

The most powerful way a company can build its community on Facebook is through audience engagement. This chapter covers how to use Facebook apps to bring interactivity to your business Page.

Creating Contests, Polls, and Questions

Additional Ways to Drive More Facebook Visits

Using Groups

Managing Backlash

Using Social Media Dashboards

Leveraging Offline and Online Marketing

Creating Contests, Polls, and Questions

Your Facebook business Page will not be a successful part of your marketing plan if you can’t get people to visit your Page. Encourage people to visit your Page and interact with your business by using contests, polls, and questions.


People love contests and sweepstakes. The opportunity to beat the odds and win a contest, even with a one-in-a-million chance, is alluring. Facebook has features for incorporating and managing a contest on your Page (see Figure 3.1). These contests are run by third-party vendors, not Facebook.

3.1 Contests are a great addition to ...

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