chapter 4

Making Money on Facebook

Facebook is a great tool to use to engage your customers by sharing photos and comments. You can start conversations and glean valuable feedback from customers. This engagement is an indirect way that many businesses are making money on Facebook. Facebook can also be a powerful way to generate direct revenue for your product or service. By advertising on Facebook, you can reach hundreds, hundreds of thousands, or millions of potential customers.

Making money on Facebook is easy, but if you know some best practices, it’s much more profitable.

Selling Online Using Facebook

Reviewing Your Facebook Page Analytics

Advertising on Facebook

Using Sponsored Stories

Selling Online Using Facebook

Selling online, whether through a website, blog, or e-mail newsletter, is pretty easy. You simply showcase your products, market them to your targeted customers, and then enable those customers to buy. Your customers can pay for your product or service through whatever method you choose, whether that is bringing you a pound of apples to your doorstep in exchange for 30 minutes of consulting, paying you through PayPal, or just mailing you a check. However, to maximize your online sales, you need to go beyond the basics and learn the art and science of selling online.

Using Facebook to sell online is no different than any of the other more typical methods. You simply list your products or services, wait for payments, and eke out a living. Or you can take it a ...

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