chapter 5

Boosting Your Website with Facebook

Sometimes my head spins with all the options small businesses have for online engagement. At first you had just websites to worry about. Then blogging was all the rage. Now social media has come of age and everyone is telling you to engage with social media, which is why you are reading this book. It can be confusing.

This chapter shows you how to leverage the power of Facebook and your website, which are even more powerful when blended. It is not an either/or proposition: You typically can’t do away with your website and just maintain a Facebook Page. And you can’t afford not to be on Facebook and focus only on your website. This chapter shows you how to encourage customers to engage with your website through Facebook.

Integrating Facebook with Your Blogs and Website

Website versus Facebook-Only Presence

How a Cake Recipe Website Integrates with Facebook

Integrating Facebook with Your Blogs and Website

Your overall online presence is critical and may be the most important part of finding new customers and keeping the ones you have. Word of mouth is important, but in 2012, a business’s online presence is more powerful.

For many businesses, a website is one of the most important tools for forming this online presence. Your website alone is powerful, but what’s even more powerful is integrating Facebook with your blog or website. This integration could be as simple as linking to your website from your Facebook Page or writing on ...

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