chapter 6

Creating Facebook Events

Hosting a crowd is one thing, but how should your small business get the word out about events? Well, sure enough, Facebook has a tool for announcing events. Facebook Events lets you organize gatherings with your customers, partners, employees, and other people in your community.

Professional event managers or businesses with a frequent exhibit production schedule can leverage the Facebook Events app. Successful event management requires an understanding of the audience you are trying to attract. There’s no better way to manage your message than within Facebook, given that so many of its tools enable you to reach your desired event attendees with ease. This chapter looks at some details specific to the Events app and how to best use it.

Creating an Event in Facebook

Announcing Your Event

Creating Livestream Events

Promoting Your Event

Using Other Event Apps

Creating an Event in Facebook

So you have a special event planned for your business and now it’s time to let everyone know. Facebook is the perfect tool to get the information about an event to your customers and your larger following. The Events app within Facebook allows you to create Events and post them to your business Page. It also enables you to invite individual followers or groups. Who might post an Event on Facebook? Here are some examples:

A music artist promoting a new album has a launch party

A writer promoting the latest novel or nonfiction book has a book signing

A ...

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