chapter 8

Catching Media Attention Using Facebook

Public relations professionals have used press releases, close relationships with journalists, and creativity to get “ink” (digital or otherwise) for years. Usually there is the client, the media expert, and the journalist who covers the media expert’s client. With the rise of social media, the opportunities (and challenges) for media professionals have increased. Corporate executives have their own Facebook accounts. Journalists can directly engage with companies and their executives on social media networks such as Facebook.

This chapter gives some insight into how Facebook can be used as a powerful tool for getting the attention of journalists so that they cover your brand, product, or service.

Conducting Audience Research

Determining Desired Outcomes

Working with Bloggers and the Media

Public Relations Gurus Share Their Insights

Conducting Audience Research

Sarah Skerik, PR Newswire’s vice president of social media, is a public relations and social media guru. In an August 2011 blog post, she gives the basics on using Facebook to get more media attention. This section and following sections (through the “Good old-fashioned promotion” section) are written by Sarah and review the key factors that she outlines in PR Newswire’s blog to help you understand how to effectively use Facebook to gain media attention.

I’m in the camp that agrees Facebook has a place in public relations strategies. However, the charge to “get it out ...

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