chapter 9

Leveraging Facebook as a Platform

Your website is a crucial part of your online marketing, overall identity, and sales efforts. Without a website, you cannot compete in today’s marketplace. When you have a website, customers can find your products and services through search engines and use your site as a powerful resource for information on what you sell.

Smart businesses are going beyond just using Facebook to post comments and interact with customers — they are leveraging Facebook as a platform for enhanced communication and collaboration on their websites or other digital properties.

Why Platforms Are Important

Integrating Facebook and Your Website

Apps and Mobility

Designing for Community

Case Study: Leveraging the Facebook Platform to Raise Brand Awareness

Why Platforms Are Important

As a small business owner, you want to focus on selling your products, supporting your customers, and growing your business. However, you are not an expert in everything. You must work with a lawyer to draft contracts, an accountant to do taxes and manage cash flow, an office space consultant to design your office, and other experts to help with many other things.

You also must connect with customers on mobile devices and through social media. Instead of you creating and maintaining all the services your company needs, larger companies, such as Facebook, provide ecosystems of services. You don’t have to build an infrastructure to connect with your customers; you can leverage Facebook ...

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