chapter 10

Creating and Using Facebook Apps

Just about everyone has heard of apps. With regard to Facebook, apps extend Facebook’s capabilities. They can add life and functionality to your business’s Facebook Page. The right apps also increase sales and engagement by giving you more powerful tools. You might want to consider hiring an app developer to make a custom app for your business.

This chapter explains what Facebook apps are all about, helps you evaluate whether you should create an app, and reviews Facebook’s app approval policy. It also covers marketing and maintaining your app. Last, this chapter reviews third-party applications that can help your business.

Facebook Apps for Your Business 101

Should You Create a Facebook App?

App Approval and Policy

App Marketing

Facebook Ads for Apps

App Maintenance

Facebook Apps for Your Business 101

Apps, short for applications, are light-duty software codes meant to accomplish a particular task for the user. You have seen apps if you own a smartphone. In fact, apps have become serious business as the popularity of smartphones and tablets has increased substantially. A Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers report (February 2011) noted a significant inflection point on the sales of tablets and smartphones over standard computers. This change in purchase behaviors has led to more demand for apps that are interactive and help accomplish errands and tasks. Facebook, a platform that is often accessed while on the go, is not immune to the ...

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