chapter 11

Learning Lessons from Real Businesses

Maybe you think that marketing on Facebook is only for large businesses that can spend thousands of dollars to make it work. If so, you’re wrong.

Facebook is an ideal platform for small businesses. It gives them opportunities to find new customers and engage current customers as never before.

This chapter provides examples of small businesses, such as Community Coffee and Squishable, that are succeeding in using Facebook, and it explains how they are doing it.

How Real Businesses Are Making Real Money on Facebook

Analyzing Case Studies

How Real Businesses Are Making Real Money on Facebook

Although Facebook started out as a platform for college students to connect with each other, it’s now a place where real businesses are making money. This money can come from direct or indirect sales.

Successful businesses that use Facebook succeed for two main reasons: their content and advertising.


Instead of blasting buy-from-me-now advertisements all over Facebook and to fans that like them, successful businesses provide rich content.

Think about how you and your own friends interact on Facebook. It’s like a virtual coffee shop or living room get-together — you have fun and just relax. Businesses who share useful, insightful, or fun content that their fans want to receive become part of their fans’ trusted community.

The stories that follow are about businesses that have been able to sell their products and services by being trusted ...

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