application (app) A program used for specific tasks. Apps as discussed in this book run within the Facebook site and usually enable you to connect with and share experiences with your friends. Most applications are built by third-party developers.

call to action The statement in the advertisement that tells the reader what action you want them to complete, such as “Buy 10 Cookies” or “Visit Our Store.”

Check-in Deal A campaign requiring customers to indicate online that they are at a business or event in the real world in exchange for a special deal or similar incentive.

click-through rate (CTR) The rate, expressed as a percentage, in which someone clicks on an online advertisement.

cost per click (CPC) The cost paid per click for an online advertisement.

cost per thousand impressions (CPM) The cost of placing an advertisement on a site based on every 1,000 views it is assumed the ad will receive. For example, a website with 10,000 customers would sell a banner ad slot at this price times 10.

daily budget The maximum amount you would spend per day for your online advertising campaign.

decay The length of time your posts are on Facebook. The fresher the posts, the less decay.

destination URL The URL address for the page or website users are sent to once they click on your Facebook advertisement.

Event A Facebook item associated with an offline event, such as a wedding, celebration, rally, or simple get-together, that enables you to invite people to the event and to ...

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