Business ownership is a seductive magnet. It promises success, wealth, and a life full of rewards for you and your family. The fact is, though, that the reality is very different from the dream, even when you are successful. That’s because most would-be owners don’t have a very clear picture of what it actually takes to be successful. The Facts of Business Life is designed to remedy that. It is accordingly a unique business book that focuses on what needs to be done to create success, how to do it, and when to do it. And I know these business concepts will work for you because they’ve done so not only for me but for hundreds—if not thousands—of other successful business owners.

One of the reasons it’s unique is that it provides a series of seven facts without which no entrepreneur’s business can succeed. These facts are:

1. If you don’t lead, no one will follow.
2. If you don’t control it, you don’t own it.
3. Protecting your company’s assets should be your first priority.
4. Planning is about preparing for the future, not predicting it.
5. If you don’t market your business, you won’t have one.
6. The marketplace is a war zone.
7. You don’t just have to know the business you’re in, you have to know business.

As you can see, some of these facts cover traditional areas like leadership and control or management, while others are less conventional, like those concerning the war zone and the importance of protecting business assets. As the book explains, each of these ...

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