The Fast Future Blur

Book description

The future blurs strategy, business models, technology, work, and leadership — are you ready?

Fast Future Blur provides invaluable insights and strategic frameworks to navigate the complexity of our current period of rapid and radical transformation (‘Fast Future’ phase). Focused on the interconnected nature of the evolution underway, the book serves as an eye-opener for business leaders, providing guidance in understanding this dynamic and complex landscape.

Fast Future Blur delves into 12 key areas of change, including platform businesses, regenerative innovation, artificial intelligence, the future of healthcare, the future of work, the future of mobility, blockchain, metaverse, virtual & augmented reality, leadership, agility, fintech, and the impact from 6 inter-connections.

With compelling, powerful, and timely insights from the Fast Future Executive faculty — a global consortium of experts and industry leaders, many of whom are associated with the World Economic Forum, top business and technology schools and leading global companies — Fast Future Blur is an essential resource to prepare for the complexities of the future.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Foreword: Ambiguous, Adroit and Around Corners: The Era of Future Blur Leadership
    1. Reimagining Exponentiality
    2. Reimagining Speed
    3. Reimagining Interconnectedness
    4. Being a Fast Future Blur Leader
  6. Acknowledgements
  7. Chapter 1: The Fast Future Arsenal: Unbundling, Rebundling and Innovating at the Intersections
    1. Business Legos – the Economics of Unbundling
    2. The Cycle of Unbundling and Rebundling
    3. Rethinking Value with Rebundling
    4. Platforms and Standards – the Purveyors of Rebundling
    5. Healthcare Legos: Unbundling with APIs, Rebundling with AI
    6. Innovation at the Intersection
    7. The Fast Future Arsenal
    8. Notes
  8. Chapter 2: Regenerative Innovation: Exploring the Potential of Digital Platforms for Ecosystem Health
    1. What Is Innovation in a Changing World?
    2. Businesses of Tomorrow Will Be Anything but Business as Usual
    3. A Reorientation of Business Innovation: Regeneration
    4. As Regenerative Business Rises, Leaders Look to Technology
    5. Re-applying Our Digital Platforms
    6. The Platform Opportunity for Regenerative Innovation
    7. Regenerative Potential for Platform Models
    8. Digital Platforms Exemplifying Regenerative Potential through Network Effects
    9. Digital Platforms Exemplifying Regenerative Potential through Coordination & Collaboration
    10. Digital Platforms Exemplifying Regenerative Potential of Localization
    11. Risky Business: The Perils and Paradox of Digital Platforms for Regenerative Innovation
    12. From Flywheel to Adaptive Cycle: A Framework for Regenerative Innovation with Platforms
    13. Conclusion
    14. Notes
  9. Chapter 3: Thinking Like an AI Native
    1. The Advent of Digital Natives and Customer Centricity
    2. Four Distinct Business Archetypes
    3. Foundation Models, the New Kid on the Block
    4. The Five Dimensions of an AI-native Business
    5. An AI Business-wide Transformation approach
    6. The Era of Super-morphable Businesses: AI Natives
    7. Notes
  10. Chapter 4: Deconstructed and Decentralized Work: At the Interconnection between the Future of Work and Blockchain
    1. What is the Blockchain?
    2. A Practical Example: The Bitcoin Network
    3. Mining: Proof-of-Work vs Proof-of-Stake
    4. Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrency
    5. Logistics and Supply Chain
    6. Decentralized Identity and Ownership Management
    7. Human Resources (HR)
    8. Conclusion
    9. Notes
  11. Chapter 5: Intelligent Health: The Convergence of Data and AI
    1. Putting AI into Context
    2. Putting Health and Healthcare into Context
    3. AI in Health and Healthcare
    4. Takeaways
    5. Notes
  12. Chapter 6: Helping Leaders Design New World People Experiences
    1. Trends
    2. Product Design
    3. R&D
    4. Analytics
    5. Employee Readiness
    6. Collaboration/hybrid Work
    7. Transformation
    8. Engagement
    9. Find Areas for Improvement
    10. Designing for Impact
    11. Centre the Experience of the User
    12. Minimize Friction
    13. Reward Early Adopters
    14. Conclusion
    15. Notes
  13. Chapter 7: Designing the Metamobility Future
    1. The New Frontier
    2. Connected Vehicles and their Data
    3. Sustainable Propulsion
    4. Autonomous Transportation
    5. Multimodal Transportation
    6. Smart Cities: Bringing it All Together
    7. Impact of Metamobility for Work
    8. A Glimpse into the Future
    9. Notes
  14. Chapter 8: Conclusion: Living to Love the Fast Future Blurs
    1. Acknowledged Blurs
    2. Embracing Interconnectedness
    3. Notes
  15. Index
  16. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: The Fast Future Blur
  • Author(s): The Fast Future Executive, Hari Abburi, Martha Bockenfeld, Sangeet Paul Choudary, Alun Evans, Jessica Groopman, Cortney Harding, Ravin Jesuthasan, Rajan Kalia, Vince Kuraitis, Efi Pylarinou, Srikumar Ramanathan, Kristin Slanina
  • Release date: May 2024
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781394220403