The Financial Professional’s Guide to Communication: How to Strengthen Client Relationships and Build New Ones

Book Description

Today, financial clients are profoundly skeptical. They’ve been burned. Their consultants and advisors talk too much, use too much confusing technical jargon, work from too many boilerplate scripts, repeat too many generic caveats and useless disclaimers. Above all, clients say, their advisors don’t listen well, and don’t link their own needs and views to the recommendations they present. To succeed in today’s radically new environment, financial advisors must first transform the way they communicate. In The Financial Professional’s Guide to Communication, one of the world’s leading experts on the financial client relationship shows them how to do precisely that. Drawing on his experience training elite financial professionals worldwide, Bob Finder shows how to actively listen, speak plainly with precision and passion, and engage clients with uncommon effectiveness. Finder demonstrates how to focus relentlessly on what matters most to each individual client, and then deliver intensely relevant recommendations with clarity and impact, in your own voice. You’ll learn how to bring imagination, creativity, and even entertainment to your presentations and conversations, and use constructive criticism to keep improving with every new client meeting. Using these proven techniques, you can deliver truly extraordinary levels of professionalism and service, gain the powerful new competitive edge you’re desperately searching for – and earn equally powerful rewards for yourself.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication Page
  4. Contents
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. About the Author
  7. Introduction: The Power of the Dance
  8. Chapter 1. Defining Your Core
    1. What Do You Do?
    2. The Four Cornerstones of Wealth
    3. The Third Element
    4. The Fourth and Most Understated Element
    5. The Fifth Element
    6. Endnote
  9. Chapter 2. The Secret of Listening...Critically
    1. Who Listens and Who Speaks?
    2. Improving Your Listening Skills
    3. The Coach Atlas Experience
    4. In Lieu of the Standard Opener
  10. Chapter 3. “Your Financial Professional Will See and Hear You Differently Now”
    1. Endnotes
  11. Chapter 4. Please, Tell Me More
    1. Endnote
  12. Chapter 5. Any Simple Questions?
    1. Capturing Facts and Feelings
    2. Some Additional Thoughts on Note-Taking
  13. Chapter 6. The Secret of Speaking...Critically
    1. What’s More Important?
    2. What’s the Answer?
    3. Endnotes
  14. Chapter 7. Just Get Rid of Them
    1. Non-Words
    2. Hedge Words
    3. Special Mention Irritants
  15. Chapter 8. What Did He Say?
    1. Endnote
  16. Chapter 9. The Eyes Say It All
    1. Dress with Respect
    2. Finder’s Fashion Suggestions
  17. Chapter 10. Are You a Substance Abuser?
    1. Statistics, Analytics, and Facts
    2. Expert References
    3. Safe Harbors
    4. Other Safe Harbor Subjects
    5. Analogies
    6. Feelings
    7. Personal Experiences and the “Fifth Element”
    8. Endnote
  18. Chapter 11. It’s Showtime!
    1. Winning and Losing Presentation Tactics
    2. Social Politeness, Pleasantries, and Banter
    3. Opening Statements
    4. Be Creative
    5. Be Organized
    6. Be Concise
    7. And Be Prepared to Close
  19. Chapter 12. Wise Emperors
    1. “Do You Really Want to Know?”
    2. Candid Camera
    3. Endnote
  20. Conclusion: Let the Dance Begin
    1. “The Beginning”
  21. Index

Product Information

  • Title: The Financial Professional’s Guide to Communication: How to Strengthen Client Relationships and Build New Ones
  • Author(s): Robert L. Finder
  • Release date: October 2012
  • Publisher(s): PH Professional Business
  • ISBN: 9780133017953