American Management Association
Step Three
Focus on Learning
“What one knows is, in youth, of little moment; they know enough
who know how to learn.
—Henry Brooks Adams, The Education of Henry Adams, 1907
Knowing how people learn is critical to effective training delivery.
Since were dealing with adults, this means applying adult learning
theory. Its not dif cult, because adults have a good idea of how they
learn best. Just follow a few principles and practices, and learners
will be enthusiastic about the process—and they’ll learn more too.
Step Three Summary
This step deals with how people learn. A development that has come
of age in the past few decades is an increased knowledge of how or-
ganizations learn. Step three is closely related to learning objectives,
which are directly tied to performance. It includes these elements:
The relationship between learning and motivation
Identi cation of the types of learning
Principles of learning, centered around adult learning the-
Building learning principles into training
Key concepts of core competency and mastery
Learning how to learn

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