Getting Started

Much as I appreciate your desire to learn more about your new pocket camcorder by purchasing this book, I also understand that now that you have the camcorder, you want to play with it. Whether you’ve purchased a Flip UltraSD, Flip UltraHD, Flip Mino, or Flip MinoHD, here are the most direct steps for doing just that:

1. Open the box.

Inside are a TV cable, wrist strap, soft case, and quick-start guide. Oh, and a cell-phone-size plastic thing too. That’s the camcorder. Small, ain’t it?

2. Strip off the protective plastic.

Pure Digital Technologies, the company that makes the Flip, protects the camcorder by wrapping its most vulnerable bits in plastic. Now that the camera’s in your hands, you can remove that plastic, as it gets ...

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