2. The Flip Cameras

I imagine that you’d feel a bit hoodwinked if I didn’t spend some time discussing Pure Digital’s cameras and the wonders they can perform. That’s the purpose of this chapter. I’ll start by waltzing through the Flip family. As I address each camera’s specific talents, I’ll fill in some detail on standard- and high-definition video and tell you how the cameras take advantage of these standards.

The Lineup

I know, I know—the title of this book is The Flip Mino Pocket Guide. But Pure Digital’s pocket camcorders don’t begin and end with the Mino. The company has made six pocket camcorders: the Flip Video, Flip Ultra, Flip UltraSD, Flip UltraHD, Flip Mino, and Flip MinoHD. The differences lie in the cameras’ internal memory, optics, ...

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