The Focal Easy Guide to Final Cut Pro 7

Book description

Rick Young's Easy Guide to Final Cut Pro 7 is the ultimate guide to getting up and running with Apple's professional editing software. Full of information relevant to both new users and professionals, this book wastes no time in teaching all the vital knowledge needed to edit your project from start to finish using Final Cut Pro. All the key features and essential techniques are presented in this easy to understand, full-color book. When time is of the essence, less is more.

Learn invaluable workflow tips which show you how to tap into the full power of Final Cut Pro, whichever version of the program you are using. All the essential areas are covered:
*System Set-up
* Capture
* Editing
* Audio Mixing
* Effects
* Output
* Media
* Management, and more

This latest edition also features new sections specific to Final Cut Pro 7, including expanded ProRes support, improved markers, global transitions, alpha transitions, automatic transfer of file-based media to hard drive, and easy export to DVD, Blu-Ray, iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV.

Praised by industry professionals, educators, and independent filmmakers, the Easy Guide to Final Cut Pro has earned a solid reputation as being the absolute best book on the market for those wishing to get up to speed with Final Cut Pro quickly.

Table of contents

  1. Front Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Contents
  7. Preface
  8. Introduction
  9. Getting Started
    1. The Digital Laboratory
    2. Hardware and Software Requirements
    3. Inside your Mac
    4. How Much Hard Drive Space?
    5. Firewire
    6. Before and After Firewire
    7. Video Formats
    8. Television Aspect Ratio
    9. Loading the Software
    10. Initial Setup
    11. Easy Setup
    12. DV Audio
  10. The Interface
    1. Arranging the Interface
    2. Learning a Custom Layout
    3. Important Details about the Interface
    4. Button Bars
    5. Customizing the Keyboard Layout
    6. Saving Projects and Accessing the Autosave Vault
  11. Capture and Transfer
    1. Setting Scratch Disks using Log and Capture
    2. Setting Scratch Disks using System Settings
    3. Log and Transfer
    4. Automatic Transfer
    5. Transfer of AVCHD Media to ProRes
    6. Transfer of XDCAM EX footage from SxS Media
    7. Methods of Capturing Footage from Tape
    8. Deck Control
    9. The Capture Window
    10. Capture Clip
    11. Capture Now
    12. Batch Capture
    13. Selectively Capturing using Batch Capture
    14. Setting a Logging Bin
    15. Clearing a Logging Bin
    16. The Clip Settings Tab
    17. Capturing Multi-channels of Audio
    18. DV Start/Stop Detection
    19. Capturing HDV
    20. Importing Music from CD
    21. Converting Audio Sample Rates
  12. Organizing your Footage
    1. Viewing Clips
    2. Monitoring DV Video over Firewire
    3. Previewing HD Video Full-screen
    4. Working with Bins
    5. Working in Icon View
    6. Setting Poster Frames
    7. Searching for Clips
  13. Editing
    1. Insert and Overwrite Editing
    2. Getting Started with Editing
    3. Distinguishing between Insert/Overwrite
    4. Three-Point Editing
    5. Other Editing Options
    6. Modifying ‘In’ and ‘Out’ Points
    7. Directing the Flow of Audio/Video
    8. Locking Tracks
    9. Adding and Deleting Tracks
    10. Essential Editing Tools
    11. Undo/Redo
    12. Linked/Unlinked Selection
    13. Moving Edits in the Timeline
    14. Selecting Multiple Items in the Timeline
    15. Cut, Copy, Paste
    16. Snapping and Skipping between Shots
    17. The Razorblade Tool
    18. The Magnifier Tool
    19. Bringing Clips Back into Sync
    20. Creating New Sequences
    21. Subclips
    22. Freeze Frame
    23. Match Frame Editing
    24. Speed Controls
    25. Basic Rendering
    26. Markers
    27. Split Edits
    28. Drag and Drop Editing
    29. Extending/Reducing Clips by Dragging
  14. Rendering
    1. The Render Settings
    2. Open Format Timeline
  15. Media Management
    1. Making Clips Offline
    2. The Render Manager
  16. Effects
    1. The Concept of Media Limit (Handles)
    2. Applying Transitions
    3. Changing Transition Durations
    4. Global Transitions
    5. Alpha Transitions
    6. Applying Filters
    7. Compositing
    8. Methods of Creating Multiple Tracks
    9. The Motion Tab
    10. Using the Motion Tab
    11. Image + Wireframe
    12. Title Safe
    13. Working with Multi-Layers
    14. Keyframing Images
    15. Multi-Layered Dissolves
    16. Keyframing Filters
    17. Copy and Pasting Attributes
    18. Titling
    19. Master Templates
  17. Audio
    1. Setting Correct Audio Levels
    2. Getting the Most Out of your Audio
    3. Converting Clips into Stereo Pairs
    4. Adjusting Audio Levels
    5. Boosting Audio Levels with the Audio Gain Filter
    6. Adding Sound Fades
    7. The Audio Mixer
    8. Adjusting and Recording Audio Keyframes
    9. Adding Audio Cross Fades
    10. Adding Audio Tracks
    11. Mixdown Audio
  18. Encoding and Output
    1. Codecs, Encoding and Output
    2. Understanding Output
    3. ProRes
    4. H.264
    5. Other Codecs
    6. Methods of Output
    7. Export to ProRes Using QuickTime Movie
    8. Export Using QuickTime Conversion
    9. Compressor
    10. Compressor in Six Easy Steps
    11. Share
    12. Create Content for Apple Devices Using Share
    13. Creating a DVD Using Share
    14. Creating Blu-ray Using Share
    15. Other Features Using Share
    16. Print to Video – Tape-based Output
  19. High Definition
    1. Affordable HD
    2. HDV and XDCAM EX
    3. Working Around the MPEG Problem
    4. Batch Export In Final Cut Pro
    5. Rendering for HDV and XDCAM HD Using ProRes 422
    6. DVCPro HD
    7. AVCHD
    8. Strategies for Dealing with HD Post-Production
    9. Working with External Monitor Command + F12
    10. What Next?
  20. Multicam
    1. Working with Multiple Cameras
    2. Mixing Live vs. Cutting in Post
    3. Preparation
    4. Creating Multiclips (Syncing Up the Reels)
    5. Syncing by ‘In’ Points
    6. Working with Multiclips
    7. Cutting your Multicam Sequence
    8. Working with Multicam without Cutting the Soundtrack
    9. Fine-Tuning your Multicam Sequence
    10. Final Tips
    11. Syncing without Sound
  21. Epilog
  22. Index

Product information

  • Title: The Focal Easy Guide to Final Cut Pro 7
  • Author(s): Rick Young
  • Release date: December 2009
  • Publisher(s): Focal Press
  • ISBN: 9781136057014