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The Foundations of Designing Social Interfaces

Video Description

Designing social sites and mobile applications, or adding a social dimension to an existing project, entails unique challenges way beyond those involved in creating experiences for individuals interacting alone with an interface. In this webcast we will explore the foundations and key facets in the social landscape that should be considered when designing for social experiences and we'll look at a set of high-level practices that underpin individual interactions. Some of the lessons and tips include:the foundational elements that are in every social experiencetools and social features to drive viralityhow to onboard new usersgotchas and easy-outs to avoidthe pros and cons of gamification and how reputation components change behaviorthe seamless nature of offline and online with mobileAlong the way we'll share examples from past and current sites and mobile applications and talk about how the combinations - mix and match - of different social features changes the nature of the experience and the type of community engaged.