Before Jamie could continue, Vince’s phone rang. He picked up the receiver. You’re kidding.” Vince looked over at Jamie with a smile of disbelief. “Yeah, put him through.” After a brief pause, Vince greeted the caller: “How are you doing, Rich?”
Jamie hadn’t yet digested the situation.
“Well, in fact, it has been a while, hasn’t it?”
Suddenly it hit Jamie. Rich O’Connor was on the line. Vince could see the panic overtake Jamie. Does Rich know I’m here? Jamie thought. This must be a setup. Shit.
Vince ended the call. “Sure, I’ll be around. I’ll look forward to it. See you then.” And he hung up. He seemed amused by Jamie’s sudden loss of confidence. “What’s the matter? Seen a ghost?” he teased.
Jamie was a little jumpy. ...

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