The Future of Cyber Security and Security Innovation

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Now that an industry of social network manipulation has risen, phenomena like the Arab Spring are likely a thing of the past. That’s part of what you’ll learn with this complete video compilation of Suits and Spooks 2015 in Washington, D.C., the unique technology event that helps unmask the cold realities of cyber conflict, espionage, and crime. You’ll be able to catch many of the eyebrow-raising sessions from the February 2015 conference.

Taia Global’s Suits and Spooks Collision event brings individuals from the U.S. Intelligence Community together with innovators and executives from a wide variety of private sector disciplines, including technology, finance, entertainment, and science. The result is two days of frank discussions, challenging perspectives, and collaborative problem solving.

Here are some of the sessions included in this video package:

Attacking a Network Defended with Continuous Monitoring
Marcus J. Ranum, Senior Strategist at Tenable Network Security
Explore a variety of scenarios attackers could use to exploit hardened networks, including compromising SIEMs, network security monitoring devices, and patch management systems.

Panel: An Inside Look at BAE Systems Global Threat Landscape
Doug Bruns, Daniel Harrison, and Sara Jones, BAE SystemsExecutives from the British multinational defence, security, and aerospace company provide their latest assessment of threats around the world.

OMG Cyber! Why Hype Makes for Bad Policy
Robert M. Lee, co-founder, Dragos Security LLC
Vendors, governments, academics, and journalists have used hype to raise the alarm concerning cyber threats. Lee explains why hype decreases security and makes for bad policy.

Panel: The Art and Practice of Cyber Intelligence—Current State, Shortfalls, and the Way Ahead
Christopher Reilley, Brad Saul, and Hilary MacMillan, Kaspersky Government Security Solutions, Inc
Cesar Lopez, Brasidas Group AG
Despite tremendous investments in cyber and threat intelligence, attacks have only increased. This panel looks at cyber intelligence today, analyzes the root causes of failures and shortcomings, and posits a way ahead.

Culture and Cyber Behaviors
Dr. Char Sample, Research Scientist, CERT
This talk examines what our value systems say about how we behave in cyberspace, and discusses the statistical relationship found between culture and cyber behaviors.

Poisoning the Well: How the PsyOps Industry is Diffusing the Democratizing Power of Social Networks
Juan Andrés Guerrero-Saade, Senior Security Researcher, Kaspersky Lab
Internal uprisings spurred by social networks haven’t gone unanswered. An industry of social network manipulation has risen to counteract it, with social bots, fake blogs, artificial viralization services being sold to foreign governments.

Security Operations: Moving to a Narrative-Driven Model
Josh Goldfarb, Chief Security Strategist, Enterprise Forensics Group, FireEye
Learn why organizations are moving to a narrative-driven model for incident response, and away from security alerts that lack important context.

The Evolution of the Insider Threat: Thousands of Years in the Making
Michael Crouse, Director of Insider Threat Strategies at Raytheon Cyber Products
Today, 53% of organizations experience an insider cybercrime incident, while companies focus on external threats. Crosue discusses what works and what doesn’t for effective insider threat mitigation.

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