ecause people are the most valuable resource on any development team,
an understanding of how to effectively manage people is critical for any
producer. Even when the game is dangerously off-schedule, if the team
is well-managed and motivated, they will have a better chance of delivering a
successful project.
People skills don’t come naturally to everyone, but don’t worry if you are not
a people person. If you are serious about being an effective leader for your team,
you can improve your management skills.
This section of the book focuses on what skills are necessary for successfully
managing the people side of projects. Information is presented on how to moti-
vate a team, how to provide feedback, how to identify talent, and how to improve
communication between the team and you. Topics include the following:
Hiring and Retaining Talent
• Project Leadership
• Building Teams
• Motivating People
• Effective Communication

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