The Garage Sale Millionaire: Make Money with Hidden Finds from Garage Sales to Storage Unit Auctions and Everything in Between, Revised and Updated

Book description

The get rich guide to garage sale foraging and urban treasure hunting

Garage sales, thrifts stores, and storage unit auctions can be gold mines for those who know what they're looking for, and The Garage Sale Millionaire gives readers everything they need to dig deep and win big. Written by two expert collectors with more than sixty years of combined experience, the book is packed with need-to-know information and insider tips that would-be treasure hunters can use to track down hard to find lost treasures, hidden gems, and coveted collectible items which, upon resale, can yield a fortune.

Giving even the most inexperienced collector the skills and expertise to buy, value, and sell their way to success, the book shows how anyone can turn garage sale garbage into cash. Newly revised and updated, The Garage Sale Millionaire also explains how to get the most bang for your buck when reselling—by holding the greatest garage sale ever.

  • Presents exclusive insider tips on how to track down hidden treasures

  • Reveals the best ways to resell at profit

  • Explains how to use eBay & Craigslist for profit

  • Includes an in-depth glossary on collecting for on-the-go advice

  • Explains how to make money at storage unit auctions & thrift stores

  • Essential reading for anyone interested in collecting, bargain hunting, or just making some money, The Garage Sale Millionaire will change the way you see garage sales forever.

    Table of contents

    1. Cover
    2. Contents
    3. Title
    4. Copyright
    5. Dedication
    6. Foreword
    7. Preface
    8. Acknowledgments
    9. Chapter 1: Your Garage Sale Millionaire Journey Begins Now!
      1. The Necessities
      2. Your Journey to Garage Sale Millionaire Success is Much Closer than You Think
    10. Chapter 2: To Buy or Not to Buy: The First Big Question Answered
      1. What to Buy
      2. What Not to Buy
      3. “To Buy or Not to Buy? That is the Question!”
    11. Chapter 3: Negotiating Like a Pro
      1. The Art of the Deal
      2. The Basics of Negotiation
      3. Are You a Garage Sale Millionaire?
    12. Chapter 4: Fakes, Replicas and Restorations: How Not to Get “Taken”
      1. How to Protect Yourself
      2. If the Deal Sounds too Good to Be True, it Probably Is
    13. Chapter 5: Launching Your Own Treasure Hunt
      1. Tools of the Trade
      2. Where to Treasure Hunt
    14. Chapter 6: eBay: Virtually Limitless Potential to Buy and Sell Collectibles for Great Money
      1. The eBay Homepage—A Starting Point for Your Garage Sale Millionaire Treasure Hunt
      2. eBay and PayPal: Registration, Bidding and Buying
      3. Getting to Know the Seller
      4. Protecting Yourself as a Bidder
      5. Bidding on eBay
      6. How Co-Author Jeffrey Received an Assiduous Snipe He Won’t Soon Forget . . .
      7. Creating a Seller’s Account and Understanding How to Sell Your Items for a Profit on eBay
      8. Researching eBay for Better Profits
      9. The Benefits of Becoming an eBay PowerSeller
      10. Understanding and Determining the Value of an Item—The eBay Way
      11. Avoiding Fraud as a Seller
      12. Managing Your eBay Listing and Completing the Sale
    15. Chapter 7: How to Assign a Value to Your New Treasures
      1. Self-Valuation
      2. Self-Valuation Goes High Tech
      3. Blogs, News Sites and Community Forums
      4. Using Professionals: Appraisers and Professional Grading Services
      5. Top Collectibles to Deal in for Substantial Profits and How to Accurately Value These Top Items Through Their Respective Grading Services
      6. Now You Know the Rest of the Story
    16. Chapter 8: Putting on the World’s Greatest Garage Sale
      1. The Need-To-Know List: Essential Information for Holding the World’s Greatest Garage Sale
      2. Key Elements from My Tried-and-True Garage Sale Timeline
      3. Extras to Have at Your Sale that Will Help it Achieve World’s-Greatest-Garage-Sale Status
      4. What Not to Do at Your Garage Sale
      5. What Do You Do if You Can’t Sell All of Your Items?
      6. Now You Can Have the World’s Greatest Garage Sale
    17. Conclusion
    18. Glossary of Terms
    19. About the Authors
    20. Advertisement

    Product information

    • Title: The Garage Sale Millionaire: Make Money with Hidden Finds from Garage Sales to Storage Unit Auctions and Everything in Between, Revised and Updated
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: June 2012
    • Publisher(s): Wiley
    • ISBN: 9781118370544