Chapter 1Fears and Secrets

Jay and Kay walked past Mr. Erwin's house on their way to school each day. He had known them since they were babies, coached their youth soccer team, and watched them grow up as a neighbor and family friend.

There was a streetlight in front of his house and as Jay and Kay waited for the signal to cross the street, Mr. Erwin often greeted them while sitting on the front porch drinking his coffee. With his own children grown and on their own, he missed those days when they were in school and enjoyed seeing the twins and their brief conversations where he received updates of how they were doing. Kay had made the cheering team, was nominated for homecoming queen, and was obsessed about her grades and getting an academic scholarship to college. Jay loved being in the school's marching band, making short films with his friends, and was happy with his straight Bs in school. Mr. Erwin was thrilled to hear that everything was going so well. They had always been good kids and it was gratifying to see them thrive as young adults.

Everything was great, or so he thought … until that time he badly sprained his ankle and had to sit on the couch by the front window for a week icing it. He wasn't able to greet the twins, but he heard them talk as they waited to cross the street. It was then he found out how much they were struggling.

Twins are known to be connected and share things with each other they wouldn't normally share with others. Jay and Kay were no exception. ...

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