Chapter 4Good versus Evil

The next day Mr. Erwin sat on the bench in the garden waiting for Jay and Kay. He knew all those who want to know the truth must seek the truth, and when they came back to the garden by themselves, he knew they were ready to hear it. He was going to ask them about their day at school yesterday but decided that it didn't matter what challenges and situations they were facing. Whatever the challenge was it was just a symptom, a symptom of a deeper cause. Humans experience many different symptoms, such as addictions, fears, stress, anxiety, insecurity, and destructive behavior that are all tied to one root cause. The key was to help people understand and heal the cause of the symptom and the symptom would disappear.

Jay and Kay stood in front of Mr. Erwin, who stayed sitting on the bench with his crutches by his side.

“We think our negative thoughts come from ourselves and other people,” said Kay. She was still wearing a long-sleeved shirt to hide the cuts on her arm and tapped her foot on the ground as she talked. “People say negative things to us throughout our lives and then those thoughts become something we think on our own.”

“But if negative thoughts come from others, then where did the first negative thought come from?” asked Mr. Erwin. “How did the first person have a negative thought in the first place if it came from someone else? Also, why do people who grow up in 100% positive and supportive households and communities still have negative thoughts? ...

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