Chapter 5Doubt

The next day Mr. Erwin was watering the trees in his garden with his crutches by his side when Kay and Jay arrived. It was extra hot for a fall morning but that didn't stop Kay from wearing a long-sleeved shirt. Jay's left eye was black and blue and he had a cut on his left knuckle. Mr. Erwin knew all too well that spiritual battles turn into physical battles. He wished he could go to school and deal with the boys messing with Jay, but just like with his own son, he knew Jay would have to fight his own battle and learn how to win in order to grow.

“What's the first D?” asked Kay. “Jay and I have been trying to figure it out all morning.”

Mr. Erwin smiled. He loved that they weren't scared but rather eager to learn the enemy's game plan. Because once they learned the Five D's, he would be able to teach them how to overcome them and win.

He said, “The first D is Doubt. The enemy begins his quest to defeat you by creating doubt that God can't be trusted. If you read the story of Adam and Eve, you'll see that when the serpent first started talking to Eve he asked, ‘Did God really say that you couldn't eat from all the trees in the Garden?’ The truth was that God said they couldn't eat from just that one tree. But by asking this question, the enemy was creating doubt in the mind of Eve that God can't be trusted, that He was withholding the best from them.

“Today the enemy plants seeds of doubt in our mind all the time. You see others doing well and thriving and you ...

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