Chapter 9The Tree of Life

The next morning Jay had an amazing time at band practice. He enjoyed being at school without having to worry about getting hit or fighting in the hallways. Kay told Jay she had the most fun she's had in a long time at her practice. She was tired of being perfect. She just wanted to be happy. She still tried to be her best but didn't worry about the outcome. They decided they would tell Mr. Erwin the good news as they approached his backyard. He was standing in front of the Tree of Life when they walked up to him.

“Hey Mr. Erwin,” said the twins in unison.

“Hey you two,” Mr. Erwin said as he put down a bag of organic fertilizer. He decided today was the day he would no longer use the crutches. It was time to walk without them, even if that meant walking slowly and with a limp. “I told you that these two trees represented Adam and Eve's ability to choose, so let's look at the choice they had. What did each tree represent in regard to their choice?” He pointed to the forbidden tree, indicating he wanted them to start there.

“The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil represented the choice to do their own thing,” said Kay. “I mean they could have listened to God but because they believed the lie, they chose to do what they wanted to do instead. I also think it represents the choice we have not to listen to God, not to believe him, not to trust him, and not to be in partnership with him.”

“I think it represents disobedience,” said Jay. “Like when my Dad tells ...

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