Chapter 10Win the Battle

“Let's start with doubt,” said Mr. Erwin as he grabbed a piece of fruit from the forbidden tree and put it in his left hand and then grabbed a piece of fruit from the Tree of Life with his right hand. “When the enemy fills your mind with doubt, the simplest, most powerful solution of all is to trust God.” He held up the fruit of the forbidden tree. “Remember that the doubt isn't coming from you. Don't believe it. Trust in God. Trust that He is with you. Throughout scripture God never said it would be easy. He said,‘I will be with you.’ Even though you can't see him and it often feels like He is far away, you need to trust that He is walking right beside you. Trust that God has a plan for your life.”

“It's easier said than done,” said Jay. “It's hard to trust when you feel like everything in life is against you and you don't feel like God is on your side.”

“I know, I know,” said Mr. Erwin empathetically. “This is why so many don't trust. They look at their circumstances rather than to God. They look at their challenges rather than to God, who will help them overcome their challenges. Many say, ‘Show me God and I will trust you.’ But it works the other way. When you trust, God will show you.”

“Not always right away,” said Kay. “Sometimes I pray, and it's like God isn't listening.”

“You are right,” said Mr. Erwin. “It feels like that often, and it can be scary and discouraging. At times we feel abandoned. But that's because we want God to work according ...

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