Chapter 11Love Wins

“You said love wins,” Jay reminded him.

“Yes, it does,” said Mr. Erwin. “Love wins because Love unites. Evil's main goal is to divide you and separate you from God. Yet we know God loves you and created you to be one with and united with Him. When you are united, you can't be divided. When you are united, you are strong.”

“How do we become united with God?” asked Kay as she tapped her foot nervously. “I don't feel united very often. I often feel separate from God.”

“I feel the same way,” said Jay as he sighed and took a deep breath. “I often feel depressed and worried about everything. I hate worrying but I can't stop it.”

“I know the feeling,” said Mr. Erwin. “After my wife passed away, I was carrying a heavy burden. I felt very anxious and divided. I was angry at God and wasn't sure I wanted to even live anymore. I didn't care about life and yet felt anxious about life. I was like, why am I anxious if I don't care?”

“So what did you do?” asked Kay, who was feeling more anxious as they talked.

“It's not what I did that helped,” he answered. “It's what God did for me. You see, I tried to meditate, but that didn't seem to calm my restless, anxious, and angry heart. I know it works for a lot of people but I tried that and everything you can think of and nothing worked. Then one day I walked past the bookshelf and saw my wife's favorite books and something told me to read the one by Erwin McManus. I liked his first name so I picked it up and started reading ...

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