Chapter 13New Challenges and Victories

Mr. Erwin and the twins agreed to meet in the garden before school once a week going forward. It was a time they both looked forward to, to talk about any challenges they were facing, and how the Five D's were showing up in their lives and what they needed to do to counter them.

As is always the case, new challenges emerged, but instead of causing the twins to go down the spiral staircase of worry and despair, they were armored with the truth and plan to win the new battles they faced. Jay still faced the bullies but he stopped walking like he was defeated and started walking with confidence. Eventually they got tired of Jay hitting back and left him alone. At times, Jay still worried about his future but Mr. Erwin would remind him not to worry about his greatness in the future. Just be great today. God will take care of the outcome. As a result, Jay spent less time worrying about being a famous filmmaker and more time focusing on making great movies. He posted them online and one just happened to be seen by a professor at a film school that offered Jay a scholarship. His grades still weren't great but his films were, and he was more clear about his purpose and less worried about his future than ever.

Despite all the victories he was experiencing, that didn't stop him from having suicidal thoughts when his girlfriend broke up with him. Jay met her his junior year in high school. It turns out when you know who you truly are, others are ...

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