The Henry Ford, Dearborn, MI

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“America’s Greatest History Attraction”

The name Henry Ford immediately evokes images of cars and the Model T, but Ford built more than cars. In Dearborn he constructed an enormous history museum with a fascinating collection of scientific and technological exhibits alongside American cultural artifacts.

The Henry Ford consists of a museum and an entire village of houses; because of the size of the site, it’s worth carefully planning your visit. The Henry Ford’s website has interactive tools for deciding what to visit and where to find objects of interest.

The museum contains entire homes and laboratories that were moved to The Henry Ford and put on display. The most interesting of these are the bicycle shop and home of the Wright Brothers and the reconstruction of Thomas Edison’s Menlo Park, New Jersey laboratory. There’s also Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion House prototype, a circular home made entirely of aluminum that could be delivered on a truck and was designed to be energy- ...

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