Sagan Planet Walk, Ithaca, NY

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The Sciencenter

The Sciencenter in Ithaca, New York, is a great science museum for children. It’s full of practical demonstrations of scientific principles and hands-on exhibits without being dumbed down. A good way to reach the Sciencenter is to follow the Sagan Planet Walk, a 1.2-kilometer walk through Ithaca that starts downtown and follows a scale model of the Solar System.

But before you go, download the free MP3 tour of the Solar System that accompanies the walk. The tour starts at the Sun and works its way toward Pluto, passing the closely spaced Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. After Mars, the planets become more distant; the next stop is Jupiter, then Saturn, followed by a long gap to reach Uranus. Neptune is even further, and finally at Pluto you arrive at the Sciencenter.

Each planet is represented by a concrete monolith with a picture of the appropriate planet and an explanatory panel. Stop at each planet and listen to the corresponding MP3 on your audio tour.

The Sciencenter is full of things ...

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