9. Goroutines

Goroutines are the basic primitive for concurrency in Go and are very easy to create. Go is intended for a world in which the number of available cores keeps increasing, so it encourages a concurrent programming style. The easy creation of goroutines is a key part of that.

Creating Goroutines

 6  go fmt.Printf("Printed in the background\n") 7  i := 1 8  go fmt.Printf("Currently, i is %d\n", i) 9  go func() {10    fmt.Printf("i: %d\n", i)11  }()12  i++13  time.Sleep(1000000000)

From: goroutine.go

You create a new goroutine by prefixing any function call with the keyword go. This creates a new goroutine containing the call frame and schedules it to run.

The newly created goroutine behaves like a thread ...

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