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The Good Company

Book Description

“At last, a book that tackles the topic of sustainability in the global travel industry, but with a real understanding of its economic importance as a better alternative—a must read.” -- Michael McCloskey, Former Chairman, The Sierra Club “This much-needed work is essentially a cookbook, i lled with inspiring recipes for sustainable travel. This will be a valuable resource—for everyone from students to industry leaders—for many years to come.”—Jeff Greenwald, Executive Director, Ethical Traveler. The Good Company tells the stories of over 30 inspiring companies around the world that are among the ethical leaders in the industry. The broad positive message is encouraging; each of the companies seeks to live up to the highest standard. The authors tell the steps they have taken and what has motivated them or enabled them to pursue such noble aims.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Halftitle Page
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Contents
  7. Preface
  8. Acknowledgement
  9. Part 1: Leading Hospitality for Sustainability: The Context and Issues
    1. Chapter 1 Leading the Good Company in the Hospitality, Tourism, and Wine Industries
    2. Chapter 2 The Hospitality Industry and the Rise of Sustainable Tourism
    3. Chapter 3 Caring for the Planet: Environmental Issue
    4. Chapter 4 Caring for the Community
    5. Chapter 5 Caring for Employees
  10. Part 2: Key Sector Case Studies: Hotels, Eco-resorts, Cruise Ships, Tour Operators, Wine Tourism, and Niche Tourism
    1. Chapter 6 What Asian Hotels Are Doing
    2. Chapter 7 Scandic Hotels
    3. Chapter 8 Kimpton Hotels: Balancing Strategy and Environmental Sustainability
    4. Chapter 9 Boutique Hotel Stadthalle
    5. Chapter 10 Can Eco-standards and Certification Create Competitive Advantage for a Luxury Resort?
    6. Chapter 11 Camp Denali Wilderness Lodge, Alaska
    7. Chapter 12 Concordia Eco-Resort, St John, Virgin Islands
    8. Chapter 13 Guludo Beach Resort, Mozambique
    9. Chapter 14 Protecting Our Oceans: Sustainability at Holland America Line
  11. Tour Operators and Destinations
    1. Chapter 15 Sustainable Travel for Social Good: The Altruvistas Journeys Model
    2. Chapter 16 G Adventures
    3. Chapter 17 What Exactly Is an ‘‘Ethical Destination’’?
  12. Wine Tourism
    1. Chapter 18 Grgich Hills Estate in California’s Napa Valley: Leaders in Organic Winemaking
    2. Chapter 19 California’s Sonoma County: Benziger Winery
    3. Chapter 20 Franschhoek Valley, South Africa: La Motte Wine Estate
    4. Chapter 21 France’s Bordeaux Region: Chateau Feely
  13. Niche Tourism: Agritourism, Voluntourism, and Adventure Tourism
    1. Chapter 22 Agritourism
    2. Chapter 23 Voluntourism
    3. Chapter 24 WWOOF: Sustainable Travel Meets Sustainable Food
    4. Chapter 25 Adventure Tourism
    5. Chapter 26 Chongwe Safaris
  14. Appendix 1 Certification
  15. Index
  16. List of Contributors