9. Challenge

The next day, Alex wheeled down to Nate’s office. Once the two friends were in conversation, Alex quickly realized that Nate was more than a little upset.

Nate politely inquired about Alex’s health, his daughter, and his mother and then launched into his grievances. They were mostly directed at Kevin, Quinn, and the “Greater Goal thing.”

“I can’t believe you’re supporting this stuff,” Nate said, practically sneering. “What happened to you? Did the crash rattle your brain?”

Alex just listened. He had brought Nate into Beckley with him. When Nate finished, Alex said, “Nate, give this a chance. I need you.”

Nate frowned and twisted in his chair. He wasn’t happy, but he agreed, “Okay, you’ve got me, boss.” But as soon as Alex left, Nate ...

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