3 Expendables

Automatic Tape Gun (ATG) Tape

Automatic tape gun (ATG) tape is a clear, double-sided sticky tape. When you use this tape, it is best to use only a short strip of it, approximately 1 to 2 in. long. (It’s like that old commercial—“a little dab’ll do ya.”) This stuff works great. Use it on wood or glass or for putting up gels, but remember that it can make a gel unusable if the sticky tape touches the wrong spot.

Remove ATG tape from the old gel by simply pulling it off. Some tape will remain on the gel, but most of the tape will remain on the surface to which the gel was applied. To remove this remaining tape, use about a foot or so of gaffer tape. Stick it on the ATG double-face tape that was left behind, rub your finger on the back ...

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