Condors and cherry-pickers

We are shooting on a rooftop, 30 feet up. We need to have a moonlight system to fly high above as well as an eye-level shooting platform. What do we need to accomplish these tasks? What are the factors to consider?

  1. Where is the building?
  2. What is the ground access?
  3. Are there high-tension wires overhead?
  4. What size moon (how big a light) do we need?
  5. Will a person have to ride the basket? At what angle?
  6. Does it have to be a four-wheel-drive unit?
  7. Are we on a hill?
  8. Can I use the outriggers?
  9. Is the ground level?

These are a few, but not all, of the factors you have to think about and ask questions about. Here are a few more:

  1. What size shooting crew do we need?
  2. Will there be any light on the shooting basket, and ...

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