Whether you work for an established company and want to trailblaze new products
(intrapreneurship), or want to establish your own new venture (entrepreneurship),
The Guide to Entrepreneurship: How to Create Wealth for Your Company
and Stakeholders supplies invaluable guidance along with concrete action plans.
In contrast to academic publications that merely emphasize accounting methods, this
guide to intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship focuses squarely on the entrepreneur.
Demystifying the process of starting a company from scratch, the book provides
aspiring entrepreneurs with detailed guidance that is written in plain English. It
explores what constitutes entrepreneurial timber and the leadership skills required to
raise all the needed capital. If you are thinking of starting your own company or have
already decided to take the plunge, this book will help you determine:
If you have what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur
The value of your idea before funding
If you and your team possess the skills required to gain a market advantage
How to raise capital effectively
Explaining the critical importance of intellectual property to investors, the book
covers the fundamentals of business valuations. It also explains how to write winning
business proposals. While each chapter is designed to stand on its own, the book
chapters are arranged in a manner that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to jump from
chapter to chapter as they please.
Identifying the unique set of characteristics that are shared by successful entrepre-
neurs, this guide will be especially helpful to anyone looking to start new ventures
that require a high degree of scientific knowledge.
How to Create Wealth for Your Company
and Stakeholders
Business Management
How to Create
Wealth for Your
Company and
Michael Szycher, PhD

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