Chapter 1. A Framework for Working Across Boundaries

Michael Beyerlein, Jill Nemiro, Susan Beyerlein

90% of team failures are caused by support system problems.

S. Mohrman, S. Cohen, and A. Mohrman (1995)

80% of the value of using teams comes from between the teams.

S. D. Jones and D. J. Schilling (2000)

Mohrman, Cohen, and Mohrman (1995) and Jones and Schilling (2000) independently claim that individuals who collaborate in teams do not always achieve their goals. In fact, there are many causes of poor performance (Jones & Schilling, 2000). Often mediocrity is taken for granted, as many teams have little awareness or understanding of what constitutes optimal performance. Consequently there is no investment in improving the effectiveness of the commonly ...

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