Chapter One

Role of Treasury in a Global Corporation

AS BUSINESSES GROW AND BECOME more complex and competitive, and markets become closer and more interrelated, the dimensions that need the attention of a transnational corporation’s board and management increase dramatically.

While the core business and operations themselves require direct attention, the money that needs to flow through the veins and arteries of the organisation as well as its various dimensions require detailed expertise and focus, a team that understands the working of money and markets, from both a tactical and a strategic standpoint.

That is where the Treasury team puts up its hand to support the chief executive officer (CEO), chief financial officer (CFO), the board, and the business units in ensuring that the business side of the company works unhindered, by setting a broad monetary platform for businesses to grow and outperform.


We first introduce the concept of Treasury Leadership, wherein Treasury positively influences the performance of the firm and drives the organisation toward industry and segment leadership. Treasury Leadership creates an environment that fosters excellence of capital building, execution, and support across all aspects of Treasury and works with the business to produce outperformance.

Treasury Leadership is hence translated into being a path-breaking and cutting-edge Treasury comprised of:

  • Best practices in Treasury management
  • Most efficient turnaround ...

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