Chapter 1521 Ways to Be a Great Teammate


A quote from Willard Straight above the fire place in Willard Straight Hall at Cornell University: “Treat all women with chivalry • The respect of your fellows is worth more than applause • Understand and sympathize with those who are less fortunate than you are • Make up your own mind but respect the opinions of others • Don't think a thing right or wrong just because someone tells you so • Think it out yourself, guided by the advice of those whom you respect • Hold your head high and your mind open, you can always learn • Extracts from Willard Straight's letter to his son.”

1. Sweat More

Every one of George's teammates talked about his legendary effort, whether it was in the weight room or classroom, while running sprints or working on his stick skills, warming up or playing on the field. He always gave 100 percent in everything he did.

Mitch Belisle was a freshman when George was a senior, and what he remembers most about George was how much he would sweat during their weight-room sessions. He even joked that whenever George was his spotter when doing bench presses, George's sweat would drip on him. “We were paired up a lot during the fall workout sessions,” Mitch said, “and all I remember is George's sweat dropping on me as I was trying to lift the weight. I can still remember the sight of George, his shirt drenched with sweat ...

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