Chapter 22

Old Love

As the Boomers become the Social Security seniors set, the genre of older love stories is experiencing a revival. Nancy Meyers has been one of the artists responsible for making many of these. (In addition to actually writing the movie Baby Boom.) Something’s Gotta Give (2003) revitalized Diane Keaton as a romantic leading lady at the age of 57, here paired with Jack Nicholson, then 66. (And Keanu Reeves.) We’re grateful to Nancy for proving that not only are romcoms not dead, there is still some sexy life in the old genre.

Diane Keaton went on to make And So It Goes (paired with Michael Douglas, written by Mark Andrus) and 5 Flights Up (paired with Morgan Freeman, Charlie Peters adapting Jill Ciment’s book), both in 2014, ...

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