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The Highly Effective Marketing Plan (HEMP): A proven, practical, planning process for companies of all sizes

Book Description

The Highly Effective Marketing Plan

A proven, practical, planning process for companies of all sizes

"HEMP will stimulate you to look at marketing challenges with enhanced clarity, and significantly increase your chances of delivering demonstrable value.  Plus, it's a really entertaining read!"

Andy Hurst, Sales & Marketing Director, Taylor Woodrow Developments Limited

"The Highly Effective Marketing Plan is invaluable in the development and implementation of tactical marketing and communications activity."

Rachel Clayton-Hepburn, Head of Marketing, First Choice Holidays & Flights

Want to dramatically improve your chances of selling more of your products or services?  Discover the step-by-step, proven programme that allows you to create a highly effective marketing plan that works - in just one hour!

You've got a product or service that you want to sell more of.  A lot more.  And you want to use your money wisely and to the best effect.  You need a Highly Effective Marketing Plan.

Whether you are a start-up with a tiny budget or a multinational corporation, whether you're an entrepreneur or a marketing manager, this no-nonsense highly practical guide will take you stage by stage through the process that will tackle your problems and highlight your opportunities.  And it's tried, tested and proven.  A Highly Effective Marketing Plan is a process that will massively improve your chances of profitably selling more of your products and services.  And it will stop you wasting money on marketing initiatives that should never see the light of day.

Simple, straightforward but extremely potent, the Highly Effective Marketing Plan really works.  Let it work wonders for you.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Books to make you better
  3. Acknowledgements
  4. About this book – how to get what you want from it
  5. What is HEMP?
  6. Setting the scene – Why do you need a HEMP?
    1. Who’s going to get their highs from HEMP?
    2. HEMP – a real example
    3. How to get the most from this book
  7. The chapters in brief
    1. HEMP STEP 1 – A desired result
    2. HEMP STEP 2 – What’s it worth?
    3. HEMP STEP 3 – What are the consequences?
    4. HEMP STEP 4 – Targets
    5. HEMP STEP 5 – What do they currently think and do?
    6. HEMP STEP 6 – What do you want them to think and do?
    7. HEMP STEP 7 – What’s the story?
    8. HEMP STEP 8 – Your one big thing (AKA the ten-second sell)
    9. HEMP STEP 9 – What’s the benefit of that?
    10. HEMP STEP 10 – Know yourself
    11. HEMP STEP 11 – How will you talk to your targets?
    12. HEMP STEP 12 – How much?
    13. HEMP STEP 13 – Other resources
    14. HEMP STEP 14 – Measure it
    15. HEMP STEP 15 – What next?
    16. Making your HEMP come alive
    17. HEMP lessons
  8. 1. A Desired Result
    1. HEMP STEP 1 Key points
  9. 2. What’s it Worth?
    1. HEMP STEP 2 Key points
  10. 3. What are the Consequences?
    1. HEMP STEP 3 Key points
  11. 4. Targets
    1. HEMP STEP 4 Key points
  12. 5. What do They Currently Think and do?
    1. HEMP STEP 5 Key points
  13. 6. What do you Want Them to Think and do?
    1. HEMP STEP 6 Key points
  14. 7. What’s the Story?
    1. HEMP STEP 7 Key points
  15. 8. Your One Big Thing (AKA the Ten-Second Sell)
    1. HEMP STEP 8 Key points
  16. 9. What’s the Benefit of That?
    1. HEMP STEP 9 Key points
  17. 10. Know Yourself
    1. HEMP STEP 10 Key points
  18. 11. How Will you Talk to Your Targets?
    1. TV advertising
    2. Cinema
    3. Radio
    4. Posters
    5. Press advertising
    6. Direct marketing
    7. PR
    8. Sponsorship
    9. Internet
    10. Ambient media
    11. HEMP STEP 11 Key points
  19. 12. How Much?
    1. HEMP STEP 12 Key points
  20. 13. Other Resources
    1. HEMP STEP 13 Key points
  21. 14. Measure it
    1. HEMP STEP 14 Key points
  22. 15. What Next?
    1. HEMP STEP 15 Key points
  23. Making your HEMP come alive
  24. HEMP lessons
    1. Linley
      1. The lesson
    2. The Grape Shop
      1. The lesson
    3. Robinson Low Francis (RLF)
      1. The lesson
    4. Admiral Homes
      1. The lesson
    5. Stackhouse Poland
      1. The lesson
    6. Island Cruises
      1. The lesson
    7. Intrepid Travel
      1. The lesson
    8. Letterstone Investments
      1. The lesson
    9. Phoenix
      1. The lesson
  25. HEMP – final thoughts
  26. Postscript: how is Redcup doing?