Pharaonic Egypt


c.3050 bce Narmer unifies the kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt.

c.2680 bce Khufu begins construction of the Great Pyramid in Giza—it is the largest pyramid in history.

c.1480 bce Thutmose III conquers Syria, extending his empire as far as the Euphrates.


c.1160 bce Ramesses III fights off invasions of Egypt by Libyans and raiding tribes known as the Sea People.

c.1085 bce Collapse of the New Kingdom; Egypt is divided with Libyan rulers in the north and Theban priest-kings ruling in the south.

7th century bce Egypt is invaded by Assyrians and then Persians.

Around 1264 bce, the Egyptian pharaoh Ramesses II (c.1278–1237 ...

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