The Aztec and Inca empires


c.1200 Emergence of the Incas in the Cuzco valley, Peru.

c.1250 Aztecs arrive in the Valley of Mexico.

1300 Aztecs establish settlements on land owned by the lord of Culhuacán.

1325 Aztecs flee south from Culhuacán and enter the land around Lake Texcoco.


1376 Acampichtli becomes the first Aztec ruler.

1428 Inca expansion begins. Establishment of the Aztec Triple Alliance.

c.1470 Incas capture Chimor, center of the Chimú culture.

1519 Spanish arrive in Mexico.

1532 Spanish arrive in Peru.

In 1325, a band of Central American refugee warriors, known as the Aztecs, saw a sign their patron god Huitzilopochtli ...

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