operations organizations after which he took a three year
tour at an overseas SIGINT processing center. He went
to Vietnam in 1967 where he served with the USAF 7th
Air Force in Saigon. Upon his return to NSA, he was given
middle management and staff level assignments until his
retirement in 1994. Mr. Flatley had studied at the Univer-
sity of Maryland. Subsequent to his retirement from NSA,
he worked on a project to supply intelligence information
in support of federal/state/local counternarcotics efforts in
the war on drugs.
Robert Hunt joined NSA after a tour of duty in the Philip-
pines with the USAFSS and completion of a BA in history
at the University of Maryland. He spent 25 years in Opera-
tions as a linguist, traffic analyst, cryptologist, staff assistant,
and manager. He traveled extensively on TDY assignments
and was stationed for four years in Germany. Receiving
an agency fellowship, he completed his Masters degree at
American University in intelligence research/lnternational
relations and finished the coursework toward a doctorate.
At the end of his agency career, he served as the deputy dean
of a department in the National Cryptologic School, help-
ing to develop and expand the instruction of cryptologic
training in analysis and reporting, and computer-assisted
training. After retiring in 1992, with 36 years of govem-
ment service, he currently helps out as a staff assistant with
the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation.

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