Part II. Getting Down to Business

We’ve got our towels, a Python interpreter, virtual environments, and an editor or IDE—we’re ready to get down to business. This part does not teach you the language; “Learning Python” lists great resources that already do that. Instead, we want you to come out of this part feeling froody, like a real Python insider, knowing the tricks of some of the best Pythonistas in our community. This part includes the following chapters:

Chapter 4, Writing Great Code

We briefly cover style, conventions, idioms, and gotchas that can help new Pythonistas.

Chapter 5, Reading Great Code

We take you on a guided tour of parts of our favorite Python libraries, with the hope that you’ll be encouraged to do more reading on your own.

Chapter 6, Shipping Great Code

We briefly talk about the Python Packaging Authority and how to load libraries to PyPI, plus options to build and ship executables.

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