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Chapter 5. FAStT storage configuration
If you are performing this setup in a production environment, there are many
planning steps you would need to go through before proceeding. We do not
cover all of those steps here; we just focus on the setup steps that occur after
planning. If you need more comprehensive background information, we
recommend that before proceeding, you take a look at the redbook, Fibre Array
Storage Technology - A FAStT Introduction, SG24-6246.
Getting storage space in the FAStT to appear as drives to the NAS Gateway 500
is a detailed process. Again, you will have to do some planning to make the
FAStT storage space meet your requirements. Just as an example, we will
create RAID5 drives from the free space in our FAStT.
Note: FAStT600 and FAStT900 have a chargeable HOST Kit for AIX. Be sure
you have installed the appropriate license on your FAStT.

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