Chapter 5. FAStT storage configuration 85
Select Next as shown in Figure 5-6 to apply the setting.
Figure 5-6 Array creation
The Logical Drive Parameters window will be opened as shown in Figure 5-7.
Select the drive size and type in the drive name that will be assigned to the
logical drive. Click Finish. The drive will now be created.
86 The IBM TotalStorage NAS Gateway 500 Integration Guide
Figure 5-7 Logical drive Parameters
To create more drives, select the required setting. Or, to exit and close the
window, select NO as shown in Figure 5-8.
Figure 5-8 Logical drive option window
The storage and logical drive has now been created as shown in Figure 5-9. It
shows the drives and controller that has been assigned to the logical drive as
well as the RAID level.

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