Chapter 8. Subsequent configuration 193
Now it is no longer possible to connect to the NAS Gateway 500 via telnet.
8.4 System errors and notification
There are several layers of error capture and notification implemented in the
NAS Gateway 500. In this section we offer a short overview and point out the
basic tasks that the system user is able to do before calling support personnel.
8.4.1 Service Processor
The Service Processor is an autonomous part of the machine used to monitor
the NAS Gateway 500, its hardware parts, and the operating system. It writes the
monitoring results into system logs. The Service Processor runs its own firmware
code and is independent of the operating system. If the operating system hangs
or is not in an operational state, the Service Processor offers the possibility to
communicate with the machine or restart the operating system. Additionally, the
Service Processor is able to start automatic corrective actions, like sending out
error notification to IBM Service. As this is beyond the scope of this book, please
refer to the IBM TotalStorage NAS Gateway 500 Advanced Configuration and
Problem Determination Guide for more information about the Service Processor.
8.4.2 Electronic Service Agent
The Electronic Service Agent (ESA) monitors the NAS Gateway 500 and can be
configured to contact IBM (“Call Home”) automatically if a problem is detected.
The current ESA Version is 3.1. The call home can either occur over an IP
network or modem. The ESA is delivered with each NAS Gateway 500 but has to
be installed and configured by your own. Once it is configured properly and your
NAS Gateway 500 still has a warranty or maintenance agreement with IBM, it will
automatically open a Problem Maintenance Report (PMR) if an error occurs.
The IBM Service center will take actions to fix the problem. If you run more than
one NAS Gateway 500, you can install one NAS Gateway 500 as the ESA server
and the others as ESA clients. A detailed description how to set up ESA, you will
find in the NAS Gateway 500 Administrators Guide on the shipped Publications
CD-ROM (included with the NAS Gateway 500 shipment) in softcopy. A
download is also available on the IBM TotalStorage NAS Web page:
Attention: If for any reason the SSH connection should not work, maybe
because it is blocked by new firewall rules, the only way to connect via
command line with the NAS Gateway 500 is to directly attach a terminal.
194 The IBM TotalStorage NAS Gateway 500 Integration Guide
8.4.3 NAS Log
To monitor all activities that are performed on the NAS volumes, there is a log file
called /var/adm/ras/nas.log. This file contains entries about when volumes
were created, snapshots were taken, and more. If you need to find out exactly
what happened to a volume, the log file is a good source of information.
8.4.4 Operating system error logging
Another level of error logging is done inside the operating system. If an operating
system module detects an error, it sends the error information to the errlog kernel
service, which adds the timestamp and writes it to the error log file.
8.4.5 System error log
When an error or potential problem is detected by the operating system or
service processor, the System Attention LED on the operator panel is turned on.
Information about the error or potential problem is stored in error logs. The error
logs can be accessed from the console that is used to manage the system.
Viewing the system error log
If you want to view the system error log, connect to the NAS Gateway 500 and
login as root (Figure 8-43).
Figure 8-43 Telnet login
Chapter 8. Subsequent configuration 195
Once inside the NAS Gateway 500 command prompt, execute the errpt -dH
command. This will display all hardware errors (Figure 8-44).
Figure 8-44 Viewing error log
If the list (see Figure 8-45) is not empty and there are relevant error entries, you
should contact support personnel.
Figure 8-45 List of errors
For more information on the system error log, see Appendix A, “Error log
information” on page 475.
8.4.6 System Attention LED
The System Attention LED on the operator panel turns on if specific failures have
happened. This is how the NAS Gateway 500 signals the fact to the operator
(Figure 8-46).

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