Coach Ben

Jeff easily spotted Ben in the back of the Starbucks, as he was a head taller than the teenagers sitting around him. He had already purchased a drink of some kind for his cousin, so Jeff wouldn't have to stand in line and try to remember whether venti meant medium or large.

As soon as he saw Jeff, Ben stood up and they hugged in a guy-cousins kind of way.

“Thanks for seeing me on such short notice,” Jeff started.

They sat down.

“Hey, I'd have coffee with you every day if I could. I'm really glad you're living up here.”

“Me too. I think.” Jeff laughed.

“You think?”

“No. I love it. So does Maurine. And the kids seem to like having a bigger house and a yard. But I'm just a little more concerned about work than I thought I'd be.”

“Uh ...

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